Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No On Measure BB Site

Just a quick post to point visitors to the site created by Marleen Sacks against Measure BB.

I'm somewhat conflicted about this measure. While I appreciate the notion of "starving the beast" by preventing the city from collecting property taxes, I do generally like the idea of parcel taxes because they are regressive.

Of course, there's always the question of whether a parcel tax can be passed along to renters (most of Oakland's undesirable inhabitants are renters). I'm not sure about Measures Y and BB.

And, parcel taxes do lower property values for homeowners, since they raise the total cost of ownership. So, that's a definite negative.

Still, I generally like them, because their impact on a million dollar house is more or less negligible, but it is significant to those on a limited income -- those we'd like to see leave Oakland for good.

The story of Measures Y and BB is so sordid that it does seem like people should vote against it. I would probably vote no if I hadn't moved my legal residence to Nevada several years ago because of my hatred of liberals.

So, take a look at that site and make up your mind. Remember that it needs a 2/3 vote to pass. So, if you vote no, it's like getting two votes for the price of one.

As for me, I'll be in Nevada this weekend early voting against Harry Reid.


  1. It's philosophical conflict all around. You like the tax b/c it is regressive- "progressives" (ha if only they were true to their moniker, or you yours- that is conservatives should mostly dislike taxes especially this kind which enlarges the beast) proposed this regressive tax. As I understand it the parcel tax can be passed on to renters at 50% (ie 360/2= $180 so $15 per/mo.) I don't think your argument holds water that people will either lose their house or be forced out of Oak for such small amounts. That said I may have to vote for it just to see- hey it's worth a shot- but I don't think it will pass. I do admire you for getting out of this liberal petri dish- now go get rid of harry.

  2. Please don't vote for a parcel tax just to see if it will drive undesirable residents out. I can't think of a worse reason to vote for a parcel tax. Many landlords have not passed on the Measure Y tax because of the administrative headache. So the reality is that taxes like this discourage small business (like landlords) from doing business in Oakland because it is so hostile to them. In order to really spur our revenue base, we need to support small business. Supporting small businesses like landlords means rejecting BB!