Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jean Quan Sucks

There's an article in today's SF Chronicle about the race for Oakland mayor, crime and policing.

The positions taken by our politicians are unsurprising in general, but I was actually pretty shocked when I came across this little gem from Councilwoman Jean Quan, who is running for mayor:
City officials, including Quan, said Measure Y required the city only to set aside money for - but not actually staff - an 802-officer force. That figure includes the 63 that Measure Y would pay for.

I'm not going to rehash the whole sordid story of Measure Y here, but suffice it so say that anyone wh0 knows anything about it knows the whole thing was a sham and a con job. The city has collected millions of dollars in taxes and essentially broken the law by failing to provide the required staffing level.

Quan's claim that the city has to set money aside for 802 officers but not staff them has to be one of the most cynical things I've seen a politician attempt in quite some time. What, precisely, is the point of setting aside the money for the cops if you're not going to actually hire them?

Obviously the real goal was to piss away the Measure Y money on social programs and idiotic pension promises to the remaining cops and other public employees. What a shock that Oakland taxpayers get screwed again.

Anyway, please vote against Jean Quan. I don't really care who you vote for, but this woman is a real piece of garbage.


  1. Maybe it's not a good idea to elect a mayor who has some sort of "city official" on her resume.
    And really what does "set aside" mean? It doesn't mean "collect". So if the money is not used, it should still be available. Of course, who knows what the measure really stipulates.

  2. I do not believe Jean Quan is entirely above board. I would vote for her over Kaplan, though.