Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick shout-out to Chip Johnson

I wanted to thank Chip Johnson for mentioning this blog in today's SF Chronicle.

As you may have surmised, writing a blog from a conservative viewpoint within sight of Berkeley's Campanile can be a lonely business. But I intend to plug along, hopefully providing readers with a different take on the region.

I know conservatives are out there. Statistics show that 25% of people in Oakland consistently vote against ballot measures and for more conservative candidates. One thing I'd like to see is for this blog to become a place where like-minded folks can participate in the discussion.

So, are you a conservative who lives in the East Bay area? Drop me a comment on the blog and let me know you're reading.


  1. I used to consider myself a moderate but in today's environment I'm considered conservative. I believe strongly in personal responsibility and property rights. I just found out about your blog today and look forward to reading it every day along with my mainstays, drudgereport & lucianne

  2. Hello! I found you thanks to Chip Johnson's article. I'm a small-L libertarian who lives just outside Oakland's border. I work among the Bolsheviks in local government, which has only strengthened my appreciation for limited government.

  3. Hey, that's why I'm here, too. I don't agree w/Chip on a lot of "answers", but I try to give him a lot of "ataboys" to keep him on the offensive. I, too am a small L, formerly Alameda County vice chair for about 7 years. They're the nerds of politics.