Friday, February 1, 2008

A vote for Hillary is a Vote against Dellums? Hooray!

Check out today's article about Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. I'm probably the only person who is completely un-outraged about him spending so much time on the Hillary campaign. In fact, I think it's great! As far as I'm concerned, the less time he spends here, the better for all of us.

He and his crew are disasters, and as much as I detest government bureaucrats, the status quo is better than anything Dellums has up his sleeve.

I was probably the only person watching the Democratic debate in South Carolina where Hillary mentioned that Dellums was working on "Green Collar" jobs in Oakland. Nevermind that the "Green Corridor" concept seems pretty absurd on its face. I just thought it was funny that she was congratulating Dellums for anything. Maybe this means she'd be an absentee president and run the government from Beijing or Antarctica.

Several of the things Chip Johnson says in the article are worthy of note. They echo some of my own sentiments:
And it is downright uncomfortable for the locals to see him presented as a savior for the nation's urban ills when his own city is suffering so badly from rampaging crime....

... it would appear as if Dellums' commitment to the Clinton campaign is stronger than his desire to provide leadership ... for the city....

He's restating the obvious, but it's nice to see it in print.

But then, oh dear reader, comes my favorite piece from the article:
There's talk about Dellums being a front-runner for a White House Cabinet post if Clinton wins in November....

Johnson goes on to say it's unlikely, but I wouldn't be so sure. I think it's pretty clear Ron likes the East Coast. My dream-come-true would be to see him as head of FEMA. Well, actually, that's not a very nice thing to say, as it would almost certainly doom people in disaster areas.

But it's a funny thought. Ron Dellums coming to rescue me from a flood? I'd probably rather drown.

I was thinking about voting Republican this time, as we may actually get a fairly moderate candidate. But this might tip me over into a Hillary supporter.


  1. Voting Republican is a Rubicon I've never crossed, but a strategic vote for Hillary? You betcha! As Tip O'Neill said, all politics is local. As long as Hillary doesn't start any stupid wars or ban science or anything stupid like that, the harm she could do us in Oakland is infinitessimal; whereas the mere presence of Dellums is a continual drain on our city (just look at his credit card bill!). Go Hillary!?

  2. what city is that train station in?
    I guess boston, but cant tell...
    Random, I know

  3. MJH, my vote is NYC. If you look at the location sign on the left side, it's got the kind of look you see in NY. But the station is brighter than those you see in Manhatten and Brooklyn, so my guess is that it's way out in Queens somewhere--maybe on the way to the LIR.

  4. Clever comments on Hillary&Dellums. For me, however, the single most compelling reason NOT to vote for her is Dellums' endorsement of her and her appointment of him as adviser on urban issues, such as crime. Pure politics and pandering for the black vote. He can't even run this city (is barely visible), much less anything at the federal level.