Thursday, January 17, 2008

New 99c Only Store A Success!

I spent about an hour at the new 99c Only store. Dozens of people there, buying everything from produce and milk to toys for their kids. Everyone looked very happy to finally have a reasonable business enterprise in their midst.

Needless to say the shoppers looked as diverse as the city of Oakland. I saw several men in there with little kids, and plenty of older folks, many of whom I'm sure live on fixed incomes.

I did see overhear one man complaining to his friend about "these businesses run by white folks that come into our neighborhood." Bravo to his friend who replied, "then don't shop here!" That's the wonderful thing about capitalism. Everyone has a choice with their dollars, and if people want to apply a racial map to their purchases, so be it. But I hope most people do not, and I hope this store continues to thrive.

And by the way, the employees looked as diverse as Oakland as well. From the looks of it, this new store has provided 20-30 new good, stable jobs in an area that sorely needs them.

Thanks to 99c Only, and thank the gods the city and the Mandela Collective failed to stop this great new store from coming to town.

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