Friday, August 8, 2008

Dellums: Poor Criminals Just Need A Better Economy

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums appears intent on digging the hole he's standing in as deep as possible.

Today, this man claimed that the recent rash of restaurant-takeover robberies should be blamed on people desperate due to economic circumstances, not on the real culprit: anti-social men with no sense of normal human decency (sound familiar?).

I have a few things to say about this matter. First, I strongly suggest my readers click the first link above and actually listen to the mayor's statement. The man sounds like Oswald Bates. Don't know who that is? Well, here's a video for you courtesy of YouTube:

Mayor Dellums, is that you back in 1991? No, it's actually Damon Wayans. Ironically, it was the Wayans family who recently grabbed Dellums' ear to try and earmark part of the old Oakland Army Base for their loony movie studio project about a year ago. A coincidence?

Second, I take issue with Dellums using language like "daring" to describe these felons.

For one thing, it's not like these are clever criminals. Now some sort of cybercriminal who hacks into databases might be someone worthy of intellectual admiration. These guys are just low-class thugs and should be treated as such.

But regardless, our mayor should not be making statements which even remotely glorify those who terrorize our community.

I've had enough of this. It's time for people to stop trying to polish this turd of a mayor. It's time to flush the toilet.


  1. The economy isn't even that bad, technically we're not in a recession. Oakland has seen worse days economically. I'm sick and tired of Dellums. He even said that he doesn't care if he's pushed out. People want to recall Dellums but is there really a serious/organized recall effort being put out??

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  3. I didn't know who Oswald Bates was and how much he has aged since his release from K street. Funny video and yes it does sound surprisingly like our mayor. 2 years ago there were thugs that were doing the robberies on the street reminiscent of the wilding days in NYC. How was the economy then mayor? Yes I wish he would stop pandering to the criminals, get on with increasing the officers at no tax increase, and making the criminals pay a very high price if they are caught. Isn't he the mayor who suggested that city government hire the felons? I'm sure I get the mayor's plan, tax property owners ceaselessly, provide piss poor services, tell the citizen's to step up (even when he doesn't step up where the h*ll is he most of the time?), preside over waste, fraud and abuse at city hall...good plan mayor bates