Friday, June 20, 2008

Deborah Edgerly's Departure Imminent?

Several people have contacted me asking me to comment on the story circulating that Oakland City Administrator is in hot water over her an incident which took place on June 7 involving her relative. Please click the link to read more about the story.

You may have noticed that bloggers in general are taking great care in discussing this story.

This is for a very good reason. East Bay Conservative's endowment fund is insufficient to defend against legal action, and this seems like this the sort of situation where any untoward comments might bring on litigation.

Obviously, given the facts as presented, the story should be deeply concerning to all Oakland residents. Edgerly is the top non-elected official in the city, and her actions can have significant repercussions.

To be very clear, I urge my readers to read the latest information about this case. I also encourage you to express your viewpoints as openly as you feel comfortable. I am going to limit my comments out of fear of retaliation. I live in Oakland, and it's important I ensure no harm comes to me or my family.

It is commonplace to see commentary in today's society labeling Republicans and the Bush administration as "Fascists." What many Leftists don't know, however, is this commentary slices both directions.

The litigious climate, encouraged at all levels by governmental misdeeds, creates danger for all of us. And, just as bad, it stifles the exercise of free speech.

Never forget that nearly every large urban local government in the country is run by liberal Democrats. In each such case, the conservative voices are largely gagged and ignored.

Fear of lawsuits and other retribution has a powerful chilling effect on free speech. And, it is not solely, or even mostly, a tool of the conservatives.

For now, I shall remain an interested observer in the Edgerly matter. But I will withhold any judgment until clearcut information becomes available.

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  1. Hey, Chip Johnson lowered the boom in today's Chron. She's toast! And criminal proceedings are possible. Hey, I'm not affraid. This is BIG. And the evidence is good. Bye, bye Deborah.