Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At Mandela Foods Coop, The Cupboard Is Bare

Regular readers of the blog know my dislike for the latest socialist experiment being perpetrated on the people of West Oakland. As promised, I dropped by and took pictures both of the "Coop" and the 99 Cents Only store's produce section.

Mandela Foods Coop:

Mandela Foods Coop

99c Only Stores:

99c Only Stores99c Only Stores

Where would you rather shop? For those of us who are not termites or metal-eaters, the choice is clear.

Incidentally, while I was at 99c Only, I bought some great sweet bread and a drink. In front of me in line was a lady buying produce and some snacks for her daughter. She only had $6 but the bill was $8.20. Luckily, the store manager was there and offered her a discount so she could afford everything.

Thanks again to 99c Only for proving me right and the socialists wrong.


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